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When Good Enough
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Development and quality assurance services

Test Management

In most startups, there is no time and budget for test management tools.  Test management is implemented via spreadsheets.  This makes it difficult to track, maintain and reuse test plans, test cases, test environments.


Included with our QA services is unlimited use of our test management tool.  Specifically, our test management service provides:

Comprehensive Test Management

  • Release planning and change tracking - for test cases, test suites, variables and test criteria, test environment etc
  • Workflow to plan regular releases, service-packs or patch releases
  • Planning for test suites, test cases, test variables and test criteria
  • Role based permissioning and comprehensive audit logs

Data Warehousing and Archiving

  • Common repository for all data - regardless of where and when it was created
  • Mix and match data and solutions from different sources
  • Import and export of your current test cases and test suites - no loss of investment


  • Use of our test management tools - so you don't have to buy any
  • We can leverage all of your current investment in test cases and test plans and consolidate it in one place.