Strategic Partnership - Automature

    BayTech Services becomes a Strategic Partner of Automature to bring Quality
    Management Tools for Startups and Small Enterprises


    Boston, MA — October 4, 2011 — Quality test management in small companies took a significant step
    towards reality as BayTech Services brings Automature tools for small businesses.  Small companies have
    always considered Quality Management Tools a luxury that they don’t have time and resources to deploy.
    The combination of cost effective, state-of-art Automature tools and BayTech QA services provide a quality
    management solution to small companies for the first time.


    The partnership underscores the critical need by startups and small businesses to make their quality assurance
    processes more effective.  For tools, small operations face a difficult choice between open source tools that tend to
    be buggy and immature, and enterprise grade tools that are cost prohibitive.  And consultants to implement these
    tools can be expensive.  The Automature/BayTech solution addresses both of these concerns.


    Commenting on the partnership, Arun Jain, President of BayTech Services said, “quality management tools for small
    companies are cost prohibitive.  With Automature tools, we can help make quality management a reality for small
    companies.  Automature tools integrate automated test execution as well as comprehensive reporting and planning,
    two key areas required for effective automation and management.”


    “We need reliable partners to implement our quality management solutions”, said Dipu Deshmukh, CEO of Automature. 
    “With BayTech’s expertise in software quality assurance and a focus on small businesses, they make an ideal partner
    for us to bring our solutions to market.”


   About Automature

    Automature's quality management product suite gives businesses an enhanced view of a product's quality over time,
    helps them manage risk, and allows them to better justify the return on quality investments to management, external
    customers, as well as independent quality auditors. Using intuitive user interfaces, the products are designed to be
    easy to use by a variety of stakeholders, and eliminate guesswork from, and introduce transparency to the software
    quality process. 

  About BayTech Services

    BayTech Services provides development, quality assurance and documentation services for startups and small operations.
    BayTech offers expertise and resources in all phases of software development, whether augmenting a customer’s in-house
    team for short-term projects, or providing resources for long-term needs.  BayTech has a long and successful track record of
    delivering high-quality services that save customers 50% or more over traditional approaches.  Its unique combination of
    U.S.-based project management and offshore development resources, have delivered timely and successful results for
    dozens of Boston area companies.


   Automature, LLC

    BayTech Services, Inc.