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Case Study - Development Services for a Small Business

Company Overview

The company provides a suite of decision-support products for the medical industry.  The company has several products.  Each product has its own distinct capabilities, database backend and presentation technology. The company also maintains sophisticated internal applications to facilitate various business processes.

Business Challenge

Not only does the company have several products, they serve multiple markets with different requirements.  The company delivers 6 - 8 releases every year.  They were running into several problems:

  • Despite many products, the requirement called for a small team - the company was having a difficult time building and retaining.
  • Could not get the releases out in time.
  • Frequent releases did not allow for a thorough testing of all releases - compromising quality.
  • The company required specialized skills for time to time, that were impossible to hire each time.
  • The company required expertise in Java, .NET and XML, top-notch QA and documentation solutions.  But as many skills were required part-time, it was difficult to hire in-house resources.

The company outsourced its entire development effort to BayTech because of our technical expertise, focus on small businesses, and our Boston area presence.


BayTech Solution

BayTech provides full-time and part-time resources to meet all of customer’s IT development needs.  In each case, the client saved 50% or more, and was able to access part-time resources for a variety of skills. Solutions/services we provided include:


Full-time team to support development and QA for customer’s three main products:

  • Java development & software testing
  • On-time rollout of 6 - 8 releases/year
  • Developed an unique application that automatically translates content and dynamically generates UI to support different markets.

Short-term .NET developer and a part-time architect to develop an application to automatically import content from Word documents.


Short-term XML specialist to develop a system for publishing books - cutting down on errors and reducing review cycles from 4 to 1.


Short-term technical writers for product documentation & presentation materials.