BayTech Welcomes New Customers


The Communications Guild is designed to enable technical professionals to find their market value and select opportunities based on priorities defined by the individual member. Individual members can actively search for new opportunities or have companies recruit them. Built using .NET technologies.


Comproguild provides a secure internal message system to facilitate communications between employers and candidates. Anonymity is maintained until such time as the individual member chooses to self-identify. Companies will contact the member by using their member ID (alias).



Dri-Plan provides industry’s most intuitive field application for water damage restoration. With extensive integrations with many partner companies, the Dri-Plan solution an all encompassing & comprehensive solution for water damage restoration.


The Dri-Plan iPad app allows field staff to capture claims information, generate on-site estimates quickly and accurately, even in extreme conditions with no Internet access. All Dri-Plan app syncs up with Dri-Plan web that serves as the central repository for all information, integrates with partner companies and provides extensive reporting capabilities.